Our company arose from the vision of its owner, who realized the lack of material in the auxiliary market in the practical teaching of Dentistry.

This happened in 1987, and since then, the company that is located in Marília, interior of the State of São Paulo, has had and continues to have its expansion based on society, dedication and professionalism.

Our company has been operating throughout Brazil and has already been exporting to Mercosur countries and Europe.

It is within this work philosophy that we make ourselves available to interested parties, whether they are customers, teachers, representatives, in short, all those who come to seek or add something new in favor of Dentistry.



Aesthetic Manikin without Gum

(CÓD: 1986)

Removable teeth without gums. Contains: 28 teeth.


Aesthetic Dentist Manikin

(CÓD: 1994)

Removable teeth with flexible gum.


Periodontics Manikin 28 Teeth

(CÓD: 1995)


MOM Standard Dental Materials Manikin

(CÓD: 2002)

Rigid resin base, flexible silicone gums, set of prepared teeth and aluminum articulator. Contains: 16 teeth.

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Sen. Salgado Filho, Marília – SP

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